Looking for that place where you fit and feel right about?

This could be the place you have been looking for. No one here has it all together, but we are pursuing making some little changes that over time produce surprising results. And we are doing it together. You are welcome, absolutely no matter what condition level you are in today. We are all about making small changes and consistently applying them over a long period of time. You will be surprised what we can do together.

  • Quick Run and More

    Try This on your off day from the Garage. Variations:  Run an out and back - 10 min out and 10 min back. Every 2 min.

  • Traction!

    The Chiefs win in the snow in Washington, DC recently was all about traction. Most of you have heard about the cleat change the Chiefs made just prior to the start of the game, switching out the shorter cleats for ones not often used, but more than an inch longer. Metaphorically, the Chiefs also gained traction in their pursuit of the post-season with this victory, after back-sliding for three games in a row. The reason I am sending this email is because of how this simple principle applies to m...

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