The Last Six Years

I don't know why but I became interested in pursuing the "Half Ironmen" (70.3) events.  So I found a training schedule and started.  It was exceptionally rewarding to me and  I loved the concept of developing skills and speed in three different modes of movement, swim,bike and run for a single event.  After completing several of these events a friend of mine invited me over to his garage for a workout.  He taught me the basic skills and movements that where employed in the workouts we were doing together.  It was dynamic with a lot of variations that made it exciting. This is was my first introduction to what is referred to as "Crossfit".

“I think what makes the difference is knowing that Jim is waiting on me to work out. Usually it’s been on my own routine. I love Jim’s style of coaching, he’s very encouraging, he can also be very firm.”

Long story short, I became a CF-1 Crossfit Certified Trainer and started outfitting my garage with equipment. I invited a few of my friends over to join me in the garage. Over the last 5 years I have been practicing, learning and coaching my friends and new friends who have heard about us and wanted to join in on the fun!  

Being a Coach and Trainer means a lifetime of conscientiousness to details in the study of fitness and always growing and learning how to be better. This is want I really enjoy and get excited about: Bringing the best service to each person and become the best Coach I can be for them. 

Oh, yes hence the name "The Garage" birth out of the first group of friends who came over to my garage in the hot, cold and rain early in the morning and after work for several years. You all allowed me the chance to "practice" coaching. It is irreplaceable experience you gave me.  You all know this but I want to say openly "Thank You"!

And I am glad you are still coming to the "GARAGE".

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