Below are frequently asked questions for both our adult and youth classes.

Adult FAQ
What is the current schedule for adult sessions?
Adult classes are currently offered Monday through Friday at 6, 7 and 8 AM, as well as at 6 PM. The exceptions are Friday at 5:15 AM and Saturday at 9 AM. Other times will be opened when a need a rises.

What are the enrollment options?
We have a punch card option available for $120 for 10 sessions, or a monthly membership for $129 per month for up to 13 sessions a month. You can learn more about our introductory offer here, available exclusively to new members

I feel totally out of shape. I know I need to do something, but have almost lost hope and energy. Just thinking about going somewhere to get started scares me. I’m not really sure if it’s worth the try. In my heart, I want to feel better and get more energy, balance, etc., but I don’t feel very confident about being in a class. Would “The Garage” be a safe starting place for someone like me?
Short answer, “Totally!” You are who we are driven to help. At The Garage, we want to help you gain a fresh outlook. Start moving with us in a safe environment. We'll find an approach that fits “YOU.” Our membership is a broad collection of great people who are learning together how to start the journey on the road of wellness.

After I enroll, what’s next?
We will set up a time to meet for an introduction. We will help you feel comfortable about starting your first class and get to know each other better, which will assist us in guiding you.

What are the ages of your members?
First, we are supportive, and all come in with some physical inhibitors. We are proud of our broad age range and the varied capacities of our community. Ages are from 20's to 80’s. Also, we are pretty much 50/50 in male and female.

How do you train?
We can talk later for a more detailed explanation. But, here is the short answer: We want us all to be well from the inside out. That means postural wellness, neurological wellness and energy wellness. Our approach is about you feeling well and getting well biologically, which later works for your long term health - both mind and body. Just so you know, the end results are increasing strength and flexibility (muscle, bones & connective tissue), oxygen uptake increases, capacity to use oxygen, balance/coordination and better brain development.

I have injuries/problem areas that have kept me from taking action. How do I know if I even can do your program?
We work with individuals who have physical limitations, so there is a good chance we can work with you. We would simply suggest you arrange a time to meet with us or at least call and talk first on the phone. But, please don’t assume you can’t start.

I want to lose weight. Can you help me?
Yes. I approach this topic carefully, because it is highly personal and individualized. We can talk about this as well. Just call me and setup a time.

I don’t have much time to train. How many times do you suggest is a suitable frequency?
We suggest 3 days a week, which is very suitable to our training methods and protocols. Starting is the main thing. Whether you begin two times or even only one time. beginning is the best thing for you.

What are the current times available for Kids Training Program?
Our Building Youth Athleticism classes are being created as new kids and teams enroll, based on their particular needs and availability. Currently, we have a Tuesday 4:45 PM boys class. On Wednesdays, we offer a 3:45 PM (girls)and 4:45 PM (boys), as well as a 4:45 PM on Fridays for girls.  

None of those times work for us?
We are growing this programming for kids as needed, so we would love to make it work for you. Most of the kids in the program are referrals from coaches, teams, current members' children and their school friends. Call us, and we can talk about your specific scenario. Coach Jim: 913-568-5551

What ages do you want?
That’s a good question, because it’s an intuitive thing with me trying to match up ages and creating a start group that makes sense. Currently, I am training children in grades 3 through 8. Learn more about the classes here. 

Do you have references I can call regarding your Kids Training program?
Let’s talk first. Then, if you’re interested in going on to the next step, we can provide names.  

Do you work with youth that are not in sports?
Yes! That is one of our passions. We are coaches here and want to consider training our team with you. What is the first step? Let’s meet and discuss what we do and what you are looking to accomplish.

Is your training sport specific?
No. But, it is specific for every sport. I work on the bio-mechanics and neuromuscular connection that is latent and disconnected for most youth whether active or not. This is the fundamental base for athleticism and raising students innate athleticism.