Before Your First Class

Thank you for joining The Garage. We're excited to help you start your new beginning and look forward to meeting you.  

Here are just a few small things you should know before starting your first class. 

  1. Your First Class is a one hour foundations class usually held one-on-one. This session is designed to help you get comfortable with our process. You will learn more of about our workout and philosophy, and we will learn more about you, which will help us design the best experience for you. By the time we are finished, you will feel comfortable and confident with how the classes are conducted.  
  2. You may arrive at start time. Don’t worry if you’re a bit late. Wear comfortable workout shoes. They might be running shoes or shoes that support your body and movement. Coach Jim wears zero or neutral shoes. Your choice will depend on your feet. Bring a towel and water. That’s it.