Jim Bates

Jim Bates is a not only a coach, but teacher. He studies the latest developments in exercise science to improve workouts for his students. Jim takes pride in educating people of all ages on the best ways to get moving. When you sign up for a class at The Garage, you’ll benefit from one-on-one instruction from him.

“I have been working out with Jim for about three years and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been in my whole life! I have way more energy and a lot more focus. It’s not just about coming in and working out and paying him, Jim’s really concerned about your whole life…your diet and the emotional and spiritual too. Jim really cares about everyone that comes in.”

“I think what makes the difference is knowing that Jim is waiting on me to work out. Usually, it’s been on my own routine. I love Jim’s style of coaching. He’s very encouraging, but he can also be very firm.”

Get moving with us. Start now by contacting us today at info@thegaragekc.com or 913.568.5551.