The Garage is the place to start.  I am about new beginnings.  You and I need to consider making new beginnings many times in our lives.  They need not be rare but I suggest even common and frequent.  I have found that another person can spark that new beginning.  It may only take the right word and person sometimes to open the idea that starting again is just want I needed to do.  

“I have been working out with Jim for about three years and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been in my whole life! I have way more energy and a lot more focus. It’s not just about coming in and working out and paying him, Jim’s really concerned about your whole life…your diet and the emotional and spiritual too. Jim really cares about everyone that comes in.”

Let me tell you, not succeeding is ordinary and common. And than lowering or even abandoning our passions and goals is truly common place. The uncommon and extraordinary is starting again.  It may not be in the same place we started before or even with the same mind set or philosophy.  We start again because that is how success is achieved.  Success or achievement is not linear.  It is not smooth, but has broken lines, jagged and even large spaces in between points.  It is in these times and places that the real challenge is making the decision to start again.  And that is how we enjoy real living, the learning and hoping we experience in living. 

Starting means, we start as we are.  And hopefully with new information, even learning a new way or with someone new who can inspire.  The Garage is just that place to start. I would love to talk to you and hear what you would like to do.

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